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You have now built a brand new website for your client, or have created a new legal entity for a new business; with ccTLD BOX, you are able to complement your work with registering, protecting and managing the online identity for your client, completing a holistic approach in enabling your client’s business online.


ccTLD BOX is a management tool that enables you to register, track and renew worldwide domains in an instance. After sign-up and a one-time setup, you can create an online shop-front that is fully customized to your own business identity. In this shop-front environment, you can manage your client’s domain requirement in your own business environment of your business rules, promotional events and selling prices. You can switch on any combinations of domain extensions, and even start a reseller downline programme!


What ccTLD BOX offers you the ability to start a business right away without expensive technical investment or infrastructure enabling. Each Partner will have a credit account allowing you to register/renew/transfer-in domain names instantly which are paid from this credit account. You can top-up your credit account when it runs low via credit card payment, cheque, GIRO or wire transfer. Full report detailing each transaction can be downloaded any time you wish.


You can also grow your business, recruiting resellers not restricting geographical boundaries nor transaction volume. There is no limit to the number of resellers and sub-resellers that you can recruit to grow your business. Each of your resellers and sub-resellers are able to create their personalized business shopfront for their transaction but the volume of this downline will be tracked and traced back to you, and sales incentive will be accrued to your account as you are free to set your own pricing.


The next step for you now is click on the link below and with 3 simple steps that leads you clearly from creating your account, customizing your panel’s look and feel, to finally setting your business rules and prices or costing for your subsidiary offices.

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