What is ccTLD Box

ccTLD BOX is a full service internet portal, allowing subscribed partners on reseller programme as well as corporate clients, domain name Registrar and Registry to fully access live registries for instant registration and renewal of domain names as well as instant updates to details of active domains.


You can create a customized transaction environment according to your corporate branding that you can appoint access for your downline partners or subsidiary offices to transact in your customized environment. The volume of your downline will be tracked and traced back to you to accrue sales incentive or for accounting purpose.


ccTLD BOX has a knowledge base on all the rules and regulations of domain names in the world. Any technical requirement is already handled in ccTLD BOX. It is as easy as just a click away to start connecting and managing domain name registration for your clients or for yourself. Enter via ccTLD BOX homepage or your own shop entry to transact online immediately. There is a 24-hours email helpline to assist with your enquiry 7 days a week inclusive of public holidays.